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Garden Update 7-30-14

I have finished harvesting my first planting of lettuce.  It actually looks kind of sad now.  It will sure taste good though.  I am hoping it will grow back.  I guess I will just wait and see.  I planted a second pot of lettuce today so I will have more in a short few weeks.

DSC04171 DSC04182

The rest of my plants have taken off a little more since my last post.  My tomatoes finally have a tomato on them and other blooms starting.  Jeez!  They took long enough! Can you spot the tiny tomato starting?


 My squash and zucchini also have many blooms!

DSC04172 DSC04173 

My herbs are getting bigger too! 

DSC04176     DSC04181 


 Lastly, my green onions are looking good!  Almost ready to use. =)



Sprouting Lettuce

These were also planted on May 23rd and sprouted May 29th.  They will need to be thinned out in a few more days to keep them growing strong.  As you can tell, the wood chips have been pulled back to plant straight into the dirt.  The wood chips that we received were not composted so we could not plant straight into them.  Instead, the seeds were sown right into the dirt below and once they are a more mature and established plant, I will slowly back-fill them with the wood chips.  The benefit of the wood chips is to keep the soil soft and moist and add nutrients.