Fire Roasted Mushroom and Provolone Burgers

One of the hardest parts about eating a low carb or any diet is having a quick go-to recipe.  We get hungry and want something fast or we end up eating out of the no no cupboard.  Am I right?  This recipe can be one to keep in your arsenal of quick diet recipes.  It will keep you on track and satisfy your taste buds.  

This is for my low carb friends and anyone who loves a good mushroom and cheese burger.

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Best Laundry Stain Solution

Are you tired of battling with stains on your family’s clothes?  We were!  I am a breastfeeding Mom of 6 and I have dealt with my fair share of stains throughout the years.  The worst kind, for me, has always been the baby poo stains.  When you breastfeed, your baby makes this bright yellow poo that just never seems to come out of anything!  I tried and tried and didn’t have much luck.  Even color safe bleach didn’t seem to be strong enough to fight those nasty stains.

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