Best Laundry Stain Solution

Are you tired of battling with stains on your family’s clothes?  We were!  I am a breastfeeding Mom of 6 and I have dealt with my fair share of stains throughout the years.  The worst kind, for me, has always been the baby poo stains.  When you breastfeed, your baby makes this bright yellow poo that just never seems to come out of anything!  I tried and tried and didn’t have much luck.  Even color safe bleach didn’t seem to be strong enough to fight those nasty stains.

I finally found a solution.  So, keep reading if you want to see miracles happen.
There are only 4 things you will need:

  • baking soda
  • peroxide
  • Original Dawn dish soap
  • squeeze bottle   


Now, find that shirt or clothing that has a nasty stain.  For me, it has always been baby clothes!!  Here is a very good example.


Yes!  The baby poo!  That very vile stain that never seems to come out.  Don’t fret!  It won’t be there for long.  So that dress that your baby girl wears that you love so much…you will learn how to protect it!

Open your squeeze bottle.  Pour in the Dawn dish soap until the bottle is about half full.

Next, add the peroxide until  the bottle to about 2/3 full.


And lastly, fill it the rest of the way with the baking soda!


Now, put the cap on and shake it up! It should look a little something like this!


Now, my friends, you are ready to treat those nasty stains!  

All you have to do is squeeze the solution onto the stain.   Rub the fabric against itself to rub in the solution.  Now, let sit for an hour for those really nasty stains.  If they aren’t too terrible, throwing the clothes into the washer right away is fine.  

Are you ready to see the magic?  



No need to thank me.  Just enjoy your beautiful clean clothes! =)